NYSS Night of Champions Trainer/Owners Packet

NYSS Night of Champions Trainer/Owners Packet

The trainers of all horses expected to enter the NYSS Finals received the information linked below by email.

ALL TRAINERS with a horse in the Finals must call the NYSS Office in advance to place up to two individuals besides yourself on the Essential Persons list to have access to the horse in detention. Call Kelly at 518-388-0224 no later than 3:00pm on Thursday, Sept. 10. Individuals must be on this list in order to enter the detention barn/paddock on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 11 and 12.

Owners must also call the NYSS office to get on the admissions list to attend the Finals in person, but the deadline is Friday, Sept. 11, at 3:00pm. Owners will not be permitted in the paddock. Please share this information with your owners. There will be winner’s circle presentations to the champions.

Included in this packet is:

  1. Cover Letter (please read for important information)
  2. Important Notice For NYSS Program Finals
  3. Security Protocols
  4. Vet Record Form
  5. Yonkers Raceway COVID-19 Racing Protocols